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LogicCAD is a CAD application for logic circuits. Its use is to draw logical circuits and to test their outputs. The application simulates the output ideally. The application is built with MFC. In fact, it was the project with which I learned MFC. This project was part of a thesis submitted to the University Of Baghdad to fulfill the requirements for obtaining the B.Sc. degree. I got a degree of 96 out of 100 for this project, pretty good.
One of the points to note about subcircuits is that subcircuits are referenced using full path, i.e. if you change the location of your subcircuits on the harddrive, owner circuits will not be able to find it. That's why I suggest that you install this application on C:\LogicCAD before trying to use the samples supplied with it.

Technical Features:

  • MDI: Multiple Document Interface.
  • Multithreaded: The simulation of the circuits are performed in a seperate thread.
  • Intelligent Pathfinding: Linking between two gates is performed automatically.
  • Subcircuits: Any circuit can be used as a subcircuit for another circuit. The circuit is refered by its full path.
  • Expandable: The application is designed in a way that enables adding new circuit components easily.
  • Generated Graphics: The symbols used to draw circuit elements are generated by the software and not static. The software generates the graphics according to the selected features of the element.
  • Simulation Features: The user can pause the simulation at any time and test the values at any point of the circuit. The user can also move the simulation step by step.

    My Role: Design and programming (individual work)
    Date: 1999

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