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  Action/Platformer Games  

Babylonian Twins

Babylonian Twins is a 2D fast paced platforming game with a unique 2 characters gameplay developed for the iPhone and XNA platforms. The gameplay is a combination of puzzle and platforming elements.

My Role: Main Programmer
Date: 2009-2010

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The Lost Keys

The Lost Keys is a commercial 3D third person action game for kids of ages 10-16. The game has 10 different levels with 3 playability styles. It was built with Tyfirty along with its level editing tool. The game was released in Dubai on June 2003.

My Role: Programming the game core and the level editing tool, graphics optimization supervising
Date: 2003

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Inspector Kiri

A 2D promotional game for the French cheese company. Contains 15 stages with the ability to save the game.

My Role: Programming the game core and the level editing tool, making the installer
Date: 2001

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  Educational/Puzzle Games  


MEP is a set of educational puzzle games for subjects in language, physics, geometry and geography. It targets 12-14 years old students.

My Role: Engine programming, game design, team coordination, and making the installer
Date: 1999-2000

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Sayf In Math City

Sayf In Math City is an educational game for teaching mathematics to kids of ages 10-12. The game was built with Windows GDI. The game consists of three episodes, each consisting of three levels.

My Role: Game core programming
Date: 1997

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  Interactive TV  

Mudhish Show

A realtime virtual TV show with different characters that can be controlled simultaneously. The software features advanced technologies like cartoon shading, shadow volumes, flex engine, recording and playback, etc. The software can also be customized by the user in many aspects.

My Role: Programming
Date: 2004

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TV Racing Cars

A 3D TV car racing game that can be played remotely using the telephone's keys. The software uses telephony APIs to receive input from users and moves the cars accordingly. The game is a two players game; each player should play from a seperate telephone after dialing the telephone line to which the computer is connected.

My Role: Programming the game core, connecting the game to the telephone module
Date: 2003

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A 3D TV broadcaster with its own virtual studio. It can talk, move, dance, etc. The project was built with Tyfirty and it demonstrates some important features of Tyfirty like skin meshes, tweening meshes, and animation blending.

My Role: Programming
Date: 2002

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