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This section contains a list of projects I made individually or on contract basis. Projects that belong to companies I worked for as an employee are not listed here. The projects are categorized into the links you can find on the menu. However, in order to make it easier for you to see my best work, I've listed the feature projects in this page.

  Feature Projects  

Alusus Programming Language

Alusus is a programming language that is flexible, comprehensive, and decentralized. It's open to all programming methodologies by allowing anyone to upgrade and enhance it without limitations, without permission or coordination with a cetral team, without needing to rebuild or redistribute the compiler, and most importantly without needing to persuade the users to update their development environments or settings.

My Role: Founder and lead software engineer
Date: 2006-Present

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Mobile Diabetes Clinic

A web based application to collect and manage patient information and provide reports. Latest technologies were used to provide rich client experience and provide secure and responsive backend. The application design follows modern approach that separates the business logic from the presentation allowing for more encapsulation and easier unit testing.

My Role: Lead Programmer
Date: 2009-2010

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TLAEdit is a tool that can be used to create 2D hierarchies consisting of sprites, viewports, as well as frames. Such kind of hierarchies are useful for creating user interfaces for games and similar applications.

My Role: Design and programming (individual work)
Date: 2006

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Tyfirty is an object oriented 3D engine. I started working on this project on October 2001, and I finished the first version of it on April 2002. Lots of modifications and additions were being added from time to time. This engine was used to develop many commercial projects including one released game title.

My Role: Design and programming (individual work)
Date: 2001-2002

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LogicCAD is a CAD application for logic circuits. Its use is to draw logical circuits and to test their outputs. The application simulates the output ideally. The application was built with MFC.

My Role: Design and programming (individual work)
Date: 1999

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