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RealGO is an object-oriented 2D game engine. I started working on this engine when I was in the third stage of college (1998). It took me about two months to finish the first version. Many features were later added to it.
The scripting feature was later added to it as an add on. It's very simple. In fact, I needed this scripting for some project, so I added what's enough for me to finish that project. I didn't have time to upgrade this scripting feature.

Technical Features:

  • Fully object-oriented
  • Supports sprites, viewports, and planes made of tiling blocks.
  • Supports hierarchy scenes
  • Supports BMP images.
  • Supports animation of BMP sequence, AVI files, and FLC files.
  • Works in fullscreen and window mode.
  • Management for video buffers
  • Uses polymorphism to enable each object to have its own functionality.
  • A window object enables the user to create a window with a single function call. No need to write a window procedure and create a window class. This window object can also be derived by the user to add his own functionality.
  • A simple scripting language is provided to enable the user to easily program the functionality of the objects on the screen. The scripting language is very very simple, yet it eliminates most of the headache.
  • Built-in font engine that does not rely on the system's language.
  • Built-in simple animation functionality.
  • Easy to use graphical button class.
  • Easy to use sound buffers that supports WAV files.
  • Software alpha blending. A little slow though.

    My Role: Design and programming (individual work)
    Date: 1998

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  •   Commercial Projects Done With RealGO  

    Inspector Kiri

    A promotional 2D action game for the French cheese company.
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    A set of educational puzzle games for subjects in language, physics, geometry and geography.
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