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TLAEdit is a tool that can be used to create 2D hierarchies consisting of sprites, viewports, as well as frames. Such kind of hierarchies are useful for creating user interfaces for games and similar applications. The application enables the user to create animation for the hierarchy and to combine the animation with sound tracks. The application uses DirectX so it supports real-time preview. The application saves the hierarchy in x files with custom templates designed specially for this purpose. The user can then load the created hierarchy with Tyfirty and play it easily. The user can also access the elements of his hierarchy directly through code.

Technical Features:

  • SDI: Single Document Interface.
  • Elements: The user can create sprites, frames, viewports, as well as sound tracks.
  • Image Formats: TLAEdit supports bmp, tga, png, as well as jpg.
  • Sound Formats: TLAEdit supports wav file formats.
  • Output Format: The output of TLAEdit is an x file with custom templates. The definitions of these templates are available as part of Tyfirty, which has its own classes for dealing with the files created by TLAEdit.
  • B-Spline Animation Function: The animation created by this application is manipulated by a b-spline function which gives the user more control over his animaton.
  • Animation Features: Animation includes position, scale, dimensions, rotation, rotation center, as well as color channels.
  • User Friendly: Gives the user the ability to pan and zoom (in and out) his view. The user can also zoom (in and out) the timeline window and the animation graph window. The user can edit his animation visually and he can also type his values in special text boxes in case he wants accuracy. All toolbar buttons and menu items has description that shows in the status bar, as well as flying tool tips.

    My Role: Design and programming (individual work)
    Date: 2006

    Download TLAEdit Demo

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