Accelerated Resolution Therapy in Boynton Beach, FL (ART)

Many types of treatments are available for patients living with mental health conditions. From post-traumatic stress disorder to depression, managing mental health looks different from person to person.

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) offered by Summit Detox in Boynton Beach, FL is a specific psychotherapy approach that combines several techniques used in other psychotherapies. ART therapy is a useful tool for many mental health conditions because it helps replace negative images in the mind with more positive ones.

Discover more about ART provided at Summit Detox and how it can help.

What Is Accelerated Resolution Therapy? What Type Of Therapy is It?

ART therapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses psychological methods to help a person change their behaviors or feelings over time. This type of therapy is ideal for patients living with mental health conditions or emotional challenges. ART uses eye movements to provide fast relief of symptoms associated with many mental health conditions.

The goal of ART is to help patients recondition stressful memories in their brains and reduce the impact of mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder. Each session is guided by a professional who instructs individuals through a series of tasks. Unlike other forms of psychotherapy, ART does not require patients to share details of their trauma, which can be a challenging task for patients who have experienced trauma.

Patient in Accelerated Resolution Therapy in Boynton Beach

What Are The Benefits of Accelerated Resolution Therapy?

ART is an evidence-based therapy that has shown promising results in patients who suffered from trauma. Other studies have found that this form of psychotherapy may also help patients with other mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and more. Some benefits of ART therapy include:

  • Quick results – Many patients experience fast success with ART, typically within the first five sessions. Sessions are done close together over a few weeks, offering fast support for those suffering from mental health symptoms.
  • Control for patients – Patients have more control during ART sessions than they do with many other forms of therapy.
  • Versatile – ART therapy can be combined with other treatment plans, including medications or other forms of therapy.
  • Improved symptoms – By replacing negative or traumatic memories with positive memories, patients experience improved symptoms in mental health conditions.

What Accelerated Resolution Therapy Can Help With

ART was first developed by a therapist named Laney Rosenzweig in 2008. She developed the principles of ART with her background knowledge in rapid eye movement therapy. In 2015, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recognized ART as a suitable therapy for patients with depression and PTSD, and the therapy was validated as evidence-based. Today, this therapy may be helpful for patients who suffer from a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • OCD

How Does Accelerated Resolution Therapy for Substance Abuse Work?

Substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders are often closely connected. This therapy can help patients overcome addiction disorders by addressing the root cause of addiction. Throughout sessions, patients develop tools to reframe memories in positive ways, which helps reduce their emotional impact.

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What You Can Expect at ART Sessions

Once you’ve decided to try this trauma therapy, your first meeting will include an intake session where the therapist gathers information about your condition and history. Each session generally lasts around one hour, although timing can vary. Sessions may include a variety of steps, such as coming up with a memory that illustrates the problem they face. Throughout each step, patients are instructed and guided by the therapist.

Accelerated Resolution Therapist in Boynton Beach

Why Try ART

Overcoming substance abuse disorders and managing mental health conditions can take a toll on your quality of life and impact your relationships. Therapies like ART help improve symptoms and support your recovery. Alongside other treatments, ART is a helpful trauma therapy and a non-invasive approach to improve symptoms.

Patients often find that ART sessions are calming and therapeutic. If you are interested in taking control of your life, ART is a helpful tool in your toolbox.

Get ART in Boyton Beach, Florida

The professional team at Summit Detox is here to help patients overcome addiction and manage the trauma associated with it. In addition to medically monitored detox and residential addiction services, we offer various treatments, including ART, to support your recovery and wellness.

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