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There are over 19 million veterans in America, based on recent figures from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Veterans, including non-combat personnel, risk facing health conditions or societal issues in adapting to life after service, requiring specialized healthcare and treatment.

Implementing the VA Community Care Network (CCN) allows veterans to expect timely and quality care without exception. Insomnia, PTSD, relationship problems, drug abuse, and depression are some of the many debilitating challenges that compromise a veteran’s quality of life.

The VA aims to deploy the CCN in phases, ultimately providing every veteran with the needed care through five community networks that span the entire US.

VA Community Care Network Coverage

The VA CCN offers diverse coverage in recovery care support. Healthcare coverage categories include medical, behavioral health, surgical, complementary, and integrative health services (CIHS), and dental services for veterans who lack access to local VA treatment facilities.


VA CCN approves up to a 14-day supply of immediately required prescribed medication for Veterans who received care through a CCN provider with an approved referral. However, the VA CCN limits opioid supplies to 7-days, or based on state rules, according to the smaller amount, and does not supply refills.

Alternatively, Veterans may submit non-emergency medication prescriptions to an approved VAMC pharmacy for supply fulfillment.

Therapy Services

VA Community Care Network Healthcare coverage categoriesThrough the VA CCN, veterans can receive coverage for multiple therapy options, including biofeedback, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, Native American healing, animal-assisted therapy, relaxation techniques, and tai chi.

A combination of accessible physical therapies provides veterans with multiple health benefits that improve their recovery. Scientific research has discovered a close connection between physical functioning and psychotherapy; stimulating each area could improve overall health.

The health perks enjoyed by veterans may include increased mobility, injury prevention, reduced pain, and regained control over their daily lives.

Therapies have proven effective in veteran recovery care. For example, the results from a study published by the scientific journal, Behavioral Therapy, show significant reductions in patients’ PTSD symptoms alongside improvements in concurrent symptoms like depression, anxiety, and anger. Another scientific research study reports the lasting benefits of animal-assisted therapy, on how these individualized plans promote the release of oxytocin, a hormone that modulates sleep and movement.

Care Options

VA CCN-Approved Provider of Quality CareVA Community Care Network covers multiple categories of healthcare, including residential care, recreation therapy, home health care, hospice care, dental, immunizations, and long-term acute care. The community-based arrangement allows veterans to choose the most effective treatment settings according to their health conditions and convenience.

For instance, VA CCN offers urgent care for veterans who qualify for timely and quality treatments. Coverage includes same-day treatment services for a wide range of common illnesses, including sore throat, colds, and skin infections.

Additionally, external CCN providers offer specialized care options beyond standard VA facility offerings. These include home deliveries, ambulance services, medical and rehabilitative evaluation for artificial limbs and specialized devices, and rehab for veterans with addiction and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. Effective July 1, 2022, the VA CCN contacts extend support for procedures and related care to live donors for transplantations into veterans.

Summit Detox – VA Community Care Network-Approved Provider of Quality Care

Summit Detox offers veterans specialized residential addiction treatment and mental health care solutions as a VA CCN-approved provider. We provide individuals with accurate diagnoses, recovery support systems, and customized treatment plans to guide them through every stage of the recovery journey.

At Summit Detox, we provide a unique care approach that involves veterans and their families in the planning, creating holistic solutions with lasting positive outcomes. Visit our Boynton Beach rehab for more information. Call (888) 995-5265 to learn more.

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